Jesus is Muslim

Jesus is Muslim? It may seem to be a weird title. Isn’t Jesus a Jew? Didn’t he exist before Islam? Then how come that he is a Muslim? Going through this site, I think you can eventually get the answer to your question by browsing different aspects and points of comparison between Muslim and Christian faith.

In this site I will talk about Islam, what is Islam? How Islam is the true religion? What Muslims do and what are Islamic sources, then I shall move in the next section concerning Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), who is he, what people told about him, and what the Bible told about Prophet Muhammad. The next step is concerning Jesus (Peace be upon him), how Muslims believe in Jesus, how Jesus is a Muslim and whether Jesus said that he is God or not and discussing the salvation principle Christians believe in. I will then discuss the Quran, who wrote the Quran, scientific miracles of the Quran and how the Quran was preserved. Then moving to the Bible, what is my belief as a Muslim in the Bible, and is it the reliable word sent from God and absolute truth or not. Finally I will discuss the main questions usually non-Muslims ask about in Islam.

May be this is the first time for you to hear this, but I hope that you go with me to the end to understand what I mean, and you have the choice, but please try to read it, and if you have any inquiries you can contact me, and I’ll do my best to answer you, and remember that one day we all will return back to God, and we must be ready for that day, so please don’t let anything else to have a higher value than God, everything will come to an end, and all of us will die, the only thing that will remain is our faith in God.

108. Say, `O men, now has the truth come to you from your Lord. So whoever follow the guidance, follows it only for the good of his own soul, and whoever errs, errs only against it. And I am not a keeper over you.’ (Holy Quran 10:108)