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Prophet Muhammad in the Bible

This section shall be dedicated to illustrate some of the prophecies in the Bible foretelling about Prophet Muhammad. One might ask: If you as Muslims don’t believe in the Bible, how do you claim that it talks about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ? This may be answered in detail in the article talking about how we as Muslims believe in the Bible.

Actually when we say that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  is foretold in the Bible, that doesn’t mean we believe that the Bible is true the way it is now. We believe that the Bible still has some truth, but it is not fully true, nor a reliable source from God except in parts where it agrees with the Quran. I myself think that these prophecies were much clearer than the way they are in now especially when I see that many early Muslim writings used to quote very clear verses foretelling about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ .

I also believe that these verses (although many of their signs pointing to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  are still remaining which shall be shown below) as well as many issues in the Bible were subjected to a strong campaign of corruption by both Jews and Christians. You may look at this as a conspiracy theory, but actually many of their signs are shown, for example we find that there were accusations pointing to the Jews by Christians of corruptions of the Old Testament in verses telling about Jesus. There is evidence that Jews corrupted the name of the offered son to Isaac. There is also evidence  proving the Bible cannot be considered a reliable source from God. Now let’s move and see the prophecies telling about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  in the Bible below. This video may be a quick illustration of some of these prophecies, but the details of every prophecy shall be in the links below.

Old Testament

A Prophet like unto Moses

Blessing of Ishmael

Isaiah 42

Psalm 45

A Burden upon Arabia

He shined forth from Mount Paran (Mecca)

New Testament

The Paraclete

The Rejected Stone and the Kingdom of God