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Muslim objections on the Bible

Here are some of the reasons why Muslims don’t accept the Bible. One of the main reasons is the way illustrating God and His prophets, in the Bible; God is described with attributes and analogies that we Muslims condemn. Also the way of illustrating His prophets in many cases as idolaters, adulterers and drunk is against what we Muslims believe that the prophets of God are the best of people. Prophets are supposed to be guiding people to God, couldn’t God chose His prophets?

Muslim objections on the Bible

Muslim objections on the Bible Attributes of God

For example when the Bible says that God rested and refreshed as in Exodus 17:31, or when the Bible says that God fought Jacob and Jacob overcome as in Genesis 32:28, or making analogies for God as a one out of sleep, Like a mighty man that shouts by reason of wine. (Psalm 78:65), or as a lioness and a bear (Hosea 13:8), or as a lamb (Revelation 17:14), or that God puts a sign in the sky so that He remembers His covenant with people so that He won’t destroy them by flood. Muslims don’t accept attributing this to God, because Muslims believe that God is Almighty and these attributes in the Bible have nothing to do with His mightiness.

Muslim objections on the Bible Shameful Stories about Prophets

Also Muslims don’t accept what the Bible says that Noah got drunk and became naked(Genesis 9:21), or that Aaron ordered the Jews to worship the calf (Exodus 32:2), or that Lot fornicated with his daughters (Genesis 19:31-36), or that Jacob lied and stole the blessing from his father (Genesis 27) or that David did what he did with Uriah and his wife (2 Samuel 11), or that Solomon worshiped other gods (1 Kings 11:1-11). Muslims believe that prophets are the best of people, and that’s why God chose them to tell His message to people, how would they act that way?

Christians say that they were honest in telling God’s revelation, but this is not enough. If I directed you to a road, and told you that this is the right road, and then I walked in another road, would you believe me? If the company’s policy tell that smoking is in the smoking area only, and then you find your manager smoking inside the building, would anyone take it seriously? Actually no one would care about the rules or policies of the company if the manager violates it. If God’s prophets are acting that way, it would be impossible for people to keep the orders of God. Why didn’t God choose better people to be His prophets? This is actually blaspheming God before it is a blasphemy against the prophets as if God can’t chose His prophets. Islam refuses this kind of blasphemy.


These are examples of what Muslims reject in the Bible, these are not the only things Muslims don’t agree with the Bible, but these are just examples.